News, snippets and gig updates from Simone!

March 2005
Hello everyone and welcome to this month's newsletter.

I have had a great month working on some new repertoire and also meeting and working with a lot of young people. I had a great time working at Eston EAZ Samba Extravaganza and I am really looking forward to the finale which I will be presenting at the Riverside Football Stadium in June.

It was also great to work with David Lawrence and his CBYV for Songs of Praise from Birmingham - that will be going out on Palm Sunday so watch out for me drumming and singing!!

A highlight of the month was the Equivox concert at The Lighthouse in Poole where we got to meet the legendary John Williams and John Etheridage - a very special evening and a fantastic venue.

This month I travel out to Luxemburg to work at the music conservatoire for a couple of days before the rest of BackBeat come out to join me for a concert.

I am also looking forward to the first African Sanctus of the year - this one in Cheltenham in the presence of the composer David Fanshaw.

Check out my calendar page for the full run down of what I am doing this month and I hope to see you at one of these events.

Best wishes