Equivox Trio

n. equal voices
Rob Buckland - Saxophones
Simone Rebello - Percussion
Peter Lawson - Piano


"...in an area where there are no pre-conceived boundaries or traditions to inhibit the performers, anything, literally anything, is possible..."

The concept behind this programme is simple: each performer is heard solo, in each duo combination and as the trio, giving the most varied aural experience possible, and the source of each composition is equally varied, with classical, jazz, world music, folk traditions and contemporary instrumental showpieces all playing their part in creating a truly unique soundscape.

Chick Corea's remarkable piano miniatures Children's Songs open the programme in an arrangement of four contrasting movements for the Trio. The three duo combinations follow, featuring Simone and Peter in a new work by John Psathas, Happy Tachyons, Rob and Simone in Andy Scott's Nemesis and Rob and Peter in a re-working of a beautiful ballad, Leila's Song taken from US minimalist John Adams' opera I Looked at the Ceiling and Saw the Sky. The closing work of the first set is a new version of Will Gregory's Interference, a riotous and unpredictable journey through AM Radio frequencies.

The second set begins with a segue of three amplified solo works which each exploit the soloists and instruments in unconventional and often extreme ways. (Ku-Ku, by Barry Cockcroft, Incarnation II by Somei Satoh and Speaking in Tongues by Sheila Chandrah). We return to the Trio setting for the final work, the epic Rhythm of the Gods by Barbara Thompson. Inspired by Greek legend, the six movements of this major work conjure up a unique and engaging sound world of colours and moods, from haunting, almost vocal lines to driving rhythmic grooves, evocative folk melodies to intricate counterpoint and virtuosic solo passages, in a colourful and dynamic finale to the programme.

"Breathtaking virtuosity and energy. Each new piece leapt sparkling off the page and left the audience spellbound. From the softest whisper to a lion's roar, this group's range of colours and sounds has to be heard to be believed!"

Children's Songs (Arr. RB)
Happy Tachyons
Leila's Song (Alone…again, or at last)
Interference (Arr. RB & SR)
Chick Corea
John Psathas
Andy Scott
John Adams
Will Gregory
Ku Ku
Incarnation II
Speaking in Tongues
Rhythm of the Gods
Barry Cockcroft
Somei Satoh
Sheila Chandra
Barbara Thompson
(The Vision of Love/ Hymn to the Sun/ Love Stood at my Door/In Time of Storm/ Pan/ Singing Dance)


Equivox Duo

saxophone & percussion duo
rob buckland - saxophones : simone rebello - percussion

equivox: n. equal voices. usually two,
of equal importance

Formed in 1996, this exciting and innovative duo set out to explore the possibilities and extend the boundaries of performance for this new combination of instruments. Combining the talents of two of the country's most dynamic solo performers, the Equivox Duo has compiled a repertoire of staggering diversity and wide ranging appeal.

Saxophone and Percussion are two of the modern musical world's newest, most innovative and fastest evolving solo instruments. With comparatively short histories in terms of solo performance, both in recital and concerto settings, it is perhaps not surprising that their paths to general musical acceptance have crossed to create a new and exciting repertoire that capitalises on both their likenesses and differences.

This sample programme covers a staggering diversity of music styles and genres, from the 1500's to the present day (arrangements of film themes, more traditional repertoire written specifically for this combination of instruments from countries as culturally diverse as the USA, Japan and the UK) and draws on influences from jazz, folk, word music and contemporary classical compositions. Not only will there be something here to suit everyone's tastes, but the open-minded listener will perhaps also discover new styles of music that will draw them into previously unexplored areas of the vast and ever changing modern musical world.

equivox repertoire includes:

Parce Mihi Domine #
Three Folksongs #
New Work (2006)
Gabriel's Oboe #
Children's Songs #
A Little Prayer
Wind in the Bamboo Groves
Towards the Light

# Arranged by Rob Buckland

Cristobal de Morales (4')
Akira Yuyama (9')
Bela Bartok (6')
Barbara Thompson
Andy Scott (13')
Ennio Morricone (4')
Chick Corea (7')
Evelyn Glennie (3')
Keiko Abe (5')
Will Gregory (11')
Roy Powell (10')